Washington Nurse License Program

HealthSource will reimburse your Washington State licensing application and verification fees and support you through the process when you apply for or renew a Washington State license. This program is based on specific nursing specialties only - see list of qualified specialties before applying.

In order to be eligible, you must have verifiable experience in the last two years in one of the specialties listed below.

How to Apply For a Washington State License


RN Licensure by Endorsement – New License

1.      Complete the RN Licensure by Endorsement application.

2.      Verification of licensure

3.      FBI Background check


Renew your Washington State License

You will be reimbursed within 6 weeks of submission.  Reimbursement includes the cost of the license application fee, background check, and license verifications.  All receipts must be received no later than August 31st, 2019, in order to be reimbursed. Send proof of payment or renewal receipts to email walicensing@healthsourceglobal.com.

You may provide proof of payment in any of the following methods:

1.      Copy of money order

2.      Copy of posted check

3.      Copy of bank statement

4.      Online receipts

Questions? Need help walking through the process? Call us today for more assistance at 800-458-8973 to speak to a Recruiting Specialist.