Job-Related Computer Knowledge
Interqual - McKesson Sofwtare Familiarity
Concurrent Review
Utilization Review
Prior Authorization
Disease Focused Case Management
Catastrophic Case Management
Home Health
Work Comp
Knowledge of Community Health Care and Vocational Services
Ability to properly maintain records
Knowledge of medical billing procedures
Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively in all situations
Ability to monitor, assess and record client progress against care plan and make adjustments accordingly
Ability to assess mental status in clients and to devlop individual treatment goals and plans
Ability to plan, implement and evaluate individual patient care programs
Ability to gather data, compile information and prepare reports
Ensure outcomes are met within an appropriate length of stay
Coordinate and monitors services including comprehensive tracking of client activities in relation to the care plan
Assist clients in developing goals and areas of need and assists in developing treatment plans which are assessed regularly
Conduct medication and mental status assessment and determines required level and frequency of service
Document all client encounters and contracts made on behalf of clients
Complete and submit billing documentation as appropriate
Maintain comprehensive client files, which may include documents held for safekeeping on behalf of the client
Assess patients, evaluate effectiveness of care plan and progress made by client
Participate in patient treatment planning and case review with patient care providers
Ability to develop and implement action plans for health centers to improve performance



Infant (Birth to 1 Year)

Toddler (1-3 Years)

PreSchool (3-6 Years)

School Age (6-12 Years)

Adolescent (12-18 Years)

Young Adult (18-30 Years)

Mature Adult (30-60 Years)

Elderly (>60 Years)