ICU Skillsheet

Assessment: Heart Sounds
Use : Rotating Tourniquet
Cardiac Patient: Basic
Set up: 12 Lead EKG
Identify/Treat: Atrial Arrhythmias
Identify/Treat: Ventricular Arrhythmias
Identify/Treat: Heart Blocks
Ventricular Tachycardia
Ventricular Fibrillation
Identify/Treat: Asystole
Pacemaker: Medtronic Temporary
Pacemaker: Biphasic Defibrillator
Admin/Titrate: Sedatives
Care: Femoropopliteal bypass (Fem-Pop)
Pacemaker: Assisting with Insertion/Removal
Use of Defibrillator/Cardioversion
Use/Admin.: Epinephrine
Use/Admin.: Lidocaine
Use/Admin.: Levophed
Use/Admin.: Nipride
Use/Admin.: NTG
Use/Admin.: Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA)
Adim: Flolan/Remodulin
Care: CVP Insertion/Discontinuation
Care/Blood Draw : Arterial Line
Care/Troubleshooting: Arterial Line
Swan Ganz: Assisting with Insertion/Discontinuation
Care/Set Up: Transducer/Calibration Swan Ganz
Care: Swan Ganz: Cardiac Output
Identify/Treat: Ventricular Arrhythmias
Care: Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP)
Use: Mast Trousers
Care: ECMO
Cardiac Patient: Advanced
Care: Acute MI
Care: Pre and Post Cardiac Cath
Care: Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
Care: Cardiogenic Shock
Care: Aneurysm/AAA Bypass
Care: Pre and Post Cardiovascular Surgery
Care: Angioplasty/PTCA Interventions
Care: Heart Transplant
Admin: Regitine
Admin/Titrate: Vasopressors
Admin/Titrate: Paralytics
Use: Datascope
Care: Sheath Removal/ ACT
Care: ECG Monitoring and 12 Lead
Care/Obtain: Pulmonary Artery/Waveforms
Admin/Titrate: Inotropics
Care: Gunshot to Chest
Hemodynamic Monitoring Invasive
Care: Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
Immunocompromised Patient
Knowledge: Cardioversion
Use/Care: Tandem Heart/PTVA System
Care: Impella Heart Device/Tandem Heart
Admin: Nitric Oxide
Admin/Titrate: Antiarrhythmics
Admin/Titrate: Anticoagulants
Care/Recover: Fresh CABG
Care: Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
Care: Pericardial drain/Transcutaneous Pacing
Care: Endocarditis
Care/Remove: PICC - A-Line
Intraarterial Blood Pressure
External Pacer
Heart/Lung Transplant
Immediate Post-Op Recovery of Cardiac Surgery Patients
Central Lines
Transvenous Pacing
Moderate Sedation: Level II
Pacemaker: Monitoring
CVP Monitoring
Pacemaker: Semi-Permanent
Care: N/G Tube
Care: Ewald Tube
Care: Perforated Ulcer
Care: Blakmore-Sengstaken Tube including Pressure Measurement
Care: Feeding Tube
Care: Esophageal Varices
Care: Gastrostomy Tube
Care: Gastric Lavage/Iced Saline
Care: GI Bleed/Surgery
Septic Shock
Care: Wound Dehiscence/Evisceration
Care: Pre and Post Surgery
Care/Set-up: Hemodialysis
Care/Teach: Peritoneal Dialysis
Care: Pancreatitis
Care: Foley Catheter
Care: Bowel Obstruction
Care: Renal Transplant
Care: Nephrectomy
Care: Pre and Post GU Surgery
Renal Disease
Start up/Maintenance: CRRT/CVVHD
Neurological Deficits/Neurosurgical
Stroke: TPA Guidelines
Lumbar Drains
Assist/Care: Lumbar Puncture
Care/Knowledge : ICP Lines
Care: Seizure Precautions/Activities
Care: Overdose
Care: Gunshot to Head
Care: Pre and Post Neuro Surgery
Use/Admin.: Decadron
Use/Admin.: Anti Seizure Meds
Use/Admin.: Magnesium Sulfate
Use/Admin.: Mannitol
Use/Admin.: Phenobarbital
Use/Admin.: Valium
Care: ICP Monitoring
Care: External Ventricular Drain (EVD)
Assessment: LOC
Use: Glasgow Coma Scale
Care: Post Craniotomy
Electrosurgical Cautery Units (ESU)
Care of TPN line/Hyperalimentation
Knowledge: Normal Serum Lab Values
Obtaining: Venous Blood Samples
Administration of Blood and Blood Products
Use/Documentation: Restraints
Care: Foley, Supra pubic, Straight Cath
Care: Bladder Irrigation
Use: Isolation Technique (MRSA/VRE/C-diff/TB/etc.)
Wound VACs
Thermoregulation - Hypothermia
Central Nerve Blocks
Blood Autotransfusion
Pulmonary HTN: Flolan and Remodulin
Ventilator Management
Lung Transplant
High Flow O2
Identify: Abnormal Breath sounds
Assist: Bronchoscopy
Use: Aminophylline
Care/Maintenance: Tracheostomy
Use: Terbutaline
Respiratory Distress Utilizing Mechanical Support
Care: ARDS
Care: Flail Chest
Care: Pre and Post Thoracic Surgery
Care: Mediastinal/Chest Tube
Airway Maintenance/Respiratory Compromise
Care: Pulmonary Emboli
Care: Pulmonary Edema
Assement: Pulmonary System
Principles/Use: Chest Percussion
Respiratory Failure
Care: ET/NT Suctioning
ET Intubation/Extubation
ET: Suctioning Technique
ET: Checking Cuff Pressures
Use/Complications: CPAP
Use/Troubleshoot: Vent Settings-IMV
Use/Troubleshoot: Vent Settings-AC
Use/Complications: Weaning/T-Piece
ABG: Interpretation
ABG: Drawing Blood Sample
Chest Tube: Assisting with Insertion/Discontinuation
Understanding/Care of H2O Seal
Use: Pleurvac
Care: Burns
Care: Kidney Transplants
Care: Respiratory Failure
Care: Oncologic Disease
Care: Metabolic Disease
Care: Ostomy
Care: Infectious Disease
Care: Penetrating Wound
Care: Blunt Trauma
Care: Liver Disease
Care: Liver Transplant
Use: Circo-Electric Bed
Trauma Resuscitation
Liver Biopsy
Post-Surgical Patient
Care: Liver and Kidney Failure
Hospital Acquired Infection
Alcohol Detox
Pain Management
Cystic Fibrosis
Do you have Echo experience?
Vascular Access: Blood Sampling From a CVC
Vascular Access: CVC Dressing Change
Vascular Access: Maintaining Catheter Patency
Vascular Access: PICC/Midline Removal
Vascular Access: Removal of a Non-Tunneled Catheter
Vascular Access: Tunneled Catheter Repair
Vascular Access: Venous Port Management
Use: Stryker Frame
Use: Crutchfield Tongs
Use: Halo Traction
Use: Emerson Suction



Primary Experience: CCU

Primary Experience: Neuro ICU

Primary Experience: ER

Primary Experience: Tele

Primary Experience: SICU

Primary Experience: IMCU

Primary Experience: CVICU

Primary Experience: MICU

Primary Experience: PCU

Use: Avoximeter

Primary Experience: NEURO

How many years have you worked in critical care?

How many years of Charge experience?

Are you ACLS Certified?

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Are you BCLS Certified?

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Do you have a certificate for a Critical Care Course?

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Do you have your CCRN?

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Do you have Charge experience?

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Do you have experience with Stress Testing?

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