LVN/LPN - GI Skillsheet

Assess heart sounds and periperhal pulses
Interpret arrhythmias
Perform CPR
Perform Defibrillation
Participate as a team in resuscitation
ECG Monitoring
Admit Patient to pre-procedure holding
Complete assessments, obtain family history/risk
Start Pripheral IV
Complete per procedure checklist
Transport pre procedure patient to lab
Tranport post procedure patient to hospital units
Titrate: Vasopressors
Calculate mcg/min and mcg/kg/min
Use IV infustion pump to calculate drug doses
Administer IV Epinephrine
Administer IV Dopamine
Administer IV Nitroglycerine
Administer IV Dobutamine
Administer IV Lidocaine
Administer IV Diltiazem
Administer IV Atropine
Administer Heperin
Administer IV Benzodiazepines
Administer IV Propofol
Administer IV Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
Administer IV Narcotics
Administer Nitroglycerine
Identify sudden change in level of consciousness
Assess sensory, motor, speech
Assess reflexes
Assess Pain Level
Care of patient with anesthesia
Care of patient with IV conscious sedation
Care of patient with narcotic analgesia
Assess surgical wound status with/out drain
Care of patient with sterile dressing changes
Care of patient with FemoStop device
Assessment of VasoSeal, AntioSeal, PerClose
Bronchoscopy Prepare
Bronchoscopy Assist
Liver Biopsy Prepare
Small Bowel Biopsy Prepare
Small Bowel Biopsy Assist
Colon Biopsy Prepare
Colon Biopsy Assist
Esophagogastroduodenscopy Prepare
Esophagogastroduodenscopy Assist
Colonscopy Prepare
Colonscopy Assist
ERCP Prepare
ERCP Assist
Care: Post procedure
Argon Balloon Dilation
Bougie Maloney Dilation
Esophageal Manometry
Savary Gillard Dilation
Yag Laser
Set up oxygen devices
Obtain pulse Oximetry reading
Interpret ABG
Aireway Management
Assist with intubation
Assist with chest tube insertion



Do you have experience with EPIC software? (years)

Do you have experience with Last Word software? (years)

Do you have experience with McKesson software? (years)