LVN/LPN - MS Skillsheet

Assess: Heart Sounds (normal/abnormal)
Telemetry /Hemodynamic Monitoring
Identify: Atrial Dysrhythmias
Identify: Ventricular Dysrhythmias
Identify: Heart Blocks
Identify: Ventricular Tachycardia
Identify: Asystole
Titrate/Admin.: Inotropics
Titrate/Admin.: Insulin
Titrate/Admin.: Sedatives and Paralytics
Use/Admin.: Flolan & Remodulin
Care: Pulmonary HTN
Care: Deep Vein Thrombus (DVT)
Use/Admin.: Thrombolytic Medications
Care: Post MI
Care: Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
Care: Pre/Post Cardiac Catherization
Care: Pre/Post Cardiovascular Surgery
Care: Endocarditis
Care: Medtronic Temporary Pacemaker
Assist/Care: Pericardial drain/transcutaneous pacing
Care: Biphasic Defibrillator Pacemaker
Care: Heart Transplant
Initiate/Use: K Pads
Obtain/Interpret: ECG 12 Lead
Titration/Admin: Vasopressors
Assist: Cardioversion
Care: Gastric Lavage
Assist: Paracentesis
Use/Administer: TPN/Hyperalimentation
Care: GI Bleed
Care: Abdominal Surgery
Care: Hepatitis
Care: Liver Transplant
Care: Bowel Obstruction
Care: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Assess: Bowel Sounds
Care: Ostomy
Care: Gastrostomy/Jejunostomy Tube
Insert/Care: Dobhoff Feeding Tube
Care: Feeding Pumps
Care: Wound Dehiscence/Evisceration
Insert/Care: Levine Tube
Insert/Care: Blakemore-Sengstaken Tube
Assess/Treat: Fluid & Electrolyte Imbalance
Use: Gluometer/Accucheck
Care: Pre and Post Op Renal Transplant
Care: Renal Failure (ARF/CRF)
Care: Urinary Tract Infections
Care: TURP
Care: Nephrectomy
Care: Renal Transplant
Assess: I/O's
Catheters: Straight, Suprapubic, and Foley
Care: Metabolic, Renal, Endocrine Discorders
Care: Urinary Diversions/Ileal Conduit
Care: Hickman/Groshan
Care: Port A Cath
Care: Shunts and Fistulas
Care: Hemodialysis
Care: Peritoneal - CAPD
Procedure: Bladder Irrigation (Continious/Intermittent)
Interpret: BUN/Creatinine
Use: Bladder Scanner
Care: Urological Surgeries
Care: Perioperative Care
Care: Hysterectomy (TAH/TVH/LAVH)
Care: Tubal Ligation
Care: Mastectomy
Care: Endometriosis
Care: Spontaneous Abortion
Initiate: Sitz Bath/Heat Lamps
Care: Episiotomy
Care/Identify: Bladder Distention
Teach: Breast Feeding/Latch On
Care: Hemorrhage
Care/Assess: Fundus / Fundal Massage
Assess: Lochia
Interpret/Assist: EEG
Care/Use: SCIPP (detox and pain control)
Care: Stroke and Epilepsy
Cerebral Angiograms
Interpret: CBC
Interpret: BMP/CMP
Assess/Care: (NIH) National Institute Health for Stroke Assessment
Use/Admin: Anticonvulsants
Care: Craniotomy
Care: Laminectomy
Identify/Care: Seizure Disorders/epilepsy
Care: CVA
Care: Paralysis
Care: Cystic Fibrosis
Care: Spinal Cord Shock
Care: Spinal Cord Injury
Care: Conscious Sedation
Care: Open/Closed Head Trauma
Care: VP- Shunt
Assess: Level of Consciousness (LOC)
Assess: Glasgow Coma Scale
Care/Use: Seizure Precautions
Assist: Lumbar Puncture
Care: Lumbar Drains
Stryker CBC and Neg Pressure Wound Therapy
Fracture Walker Application
Pavlik Harness Application
Use: Halo Traction
Set up/Care: Wound Vac
Use: Air Fluidized, Low airloss Beds
Care: Neck Drains
Orthopat Blood Reinfusion
Care/Use: Aspen Cervical Collar
Pre/Post Op Care: Total Hip Replacement
Pre/Post Op Care: Knee Replacement
Pre/Post Op Care: Joint Replacement
Cast Removal
Pre/Post Op Care: Amputation
Traction: Overhead Bar and Frame Assembly
Traction: Bucks
Traction: Cervical
Traction: Pelvic/Skeletal
Range of Motion: Active/Passive
Hoyer Lift
Antiembolic Stockings/PAS Hose
Continious Passive Motion (CPM)
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Care/Use: Stryker CBC
Assist/Care: Liver Biopsy
Starting IVs
Knowledge of Normal Lab Values
Collection: Venous Blood Samples
Admin: Blood and Blood Products
Admin: Chemotherapy
Admin: IV Medications
Infusion Pumps
PCA Infusion Pumps
Medications: Dosage/Calculations
Medications: Initiate/Maintain: Multiple Drips
Medications: Maintain Multiple Drip Dosages
Experience: Team Leading
Experience: Primary Care
Experience: SOAP Charting
Experience: Initiating Care Plans
Hyper/Hypothermic Blanket
Use/Administer: Epidural Dosing
Management: Epidural Bolus/Portable Anesthesia Infusion Pump
Assist/Care: Invasive Diagnostic Testing
Assess: Pain and Manage
Care: Latex Allergy
Precautions: MRSA/VRE
Specimen Collection: Routine/24 hours
Initiate/document/types: Restraints
O2 Devices (portable, NC, FM, Ambu Bag, NRB)
Organ Donor Protocol
PIC Line Insertion
Patients Advance Directives
Patients Rights/Confidentiality
Set up/Care: Salem Suction
Obtain: Sterile Specimen Collection
Throat Culture
Teach: Incentive Spirometer/Acapella
Care: Pre/Post Op Thoracic Surgery
Care: COPD/Emphysema/Asthma
Care: Acute Respiratory Distress
Care: Pneumocystic Disease
Care: Tuberculosis
Care: Pulmonary Embolism
Care: Pneumothorax
Care: Pneumonia
Care: Pulmonary Edema
Care/Maintenance: Tracheostomy
ABG Interpretation
Sputum Specimen Collection
Airway Maintenance/Respiratory Compromise
Care: O2 Administration/Set up
Tracheostomy Care
Care: Long term Vent Management
Chest Tube: Assisting with Insertions/Discontinuations
Care: Mediastinal/Chest Tube
Care: Multi-Systems Failure
Care: Oncology Diseases
Care: Infectious Diseases
care: AIDS
Care: Drug Addiction/Withdrawals
Care: Burns
Care: Diabetes
Care: Overdose
Care: Integument Problems
Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)
ENT Pre/Post Surgery
Care: Multi Organ Transplants
Care: Blunt Trauma
Care: Penetrating Wound
ENT Emergencies
Care: Post-op assessment Transplant
Teach: Ability to teach ostomy pts self care, fistula care, wound care
Titrate: Insulin Drip
Care/Assist: Moderate Sedation
Administer: Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) dressing



Surgical (Years Experience)

Ortho (Years Experience)

Stepdown (Years Experience)

GYN (Years Experience)

Urology (Years Experience)

Oncology (Years Experience)

Telemetry (Years Experience)

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) (Years Experience)

Charge Experience (in Years)

Are you Chemo Certified?

Yes No

Are you ACLS Certified?

Yes No

Are you BLS/CPR Certified?

Yes No

Have you had a Dysrhythmia Course?

Yes No

ONC Certification

Yes No