PACU Skillsheet

Spinal Anesthesia
Epidural Anesthesia
Local Anesthesia
Regional Anesthesia
Intrathecal Anesthesia
Central Nerve Blocks
Muscle Relaxants
Inhalation Agents
Care of: Cardiac Patient - Basic
Care of: Cardiac Patient - Advanced
Fluid Management
Admin/Titrate: Vasoactive Drugs
Admin/ Titrate: Sedatives
Admin/Titrate: Sedatives
Admin/Titrate: Paralytics
Admin/Titrate: Anticoagulants
Sheath Pull
Bair Hugger
PCA Pumps
IV Pumps
Epidural Pumps
Care of the Patient Experiencing Pain
Providing Developmentally Specific Care - Adult
Providing Developmentally Specific Care- Peds
Measure Vital Signs
Use of Doppler
Use of Datascope (IABP Monitoring)
Neurological Deficits/Neurosurgical
Hemodynamic Monitoring Invasive
CVP Monitoring
Blood/Blood Products Administration and Exchange
Vascular Access: Tunneled Catheter Repair
Assessment of: Level of Consciousness
Seizure Precautions
Measure ICP
Admin: Steroids
Care of: Post Op Craniotomy Patient
Patient Stimulation and Stir-Up Regimen
Cast Care
Blood Autotransfusion System
Skeletal Traction
Total Knee
Total Hip
PIV insertion
Recognition of Transfusion Reactions
Medication and IVs
Dosage Calculation
Vascular Access: Venous Port Management
Vascular Access: PICC/Midline Removal
IV Push
Anesthesia: Pre Operative or Pre Procedural
Male Catherization
Female Catherization
Catheter Irrigation
Isolation Procedures
Sterile Dressing Change
Care of: Hypovolemic Shock
Thermoregulation Malignant Hyperthermia
Vascular Access: Removal of a Non-Tunneled Catheter
Thermoregulation Hypothermia
Positioning of the Post-Op Patient
Pre-Op Procedures
Post-Op Assessment and Monitoring
Knowledge of Anesthetic Agents
Anesthesia Agents and Adjuncts
Immunocompromised Patient
Discharge Patients by Criteria
Liver Disease, Liver Biopsy, and Liver and/or Intestinal Transplant Recipient
Respiratory Assessment
Insertion and Removal of Nasal and Oral Airway
Administer O2
Respiratory Compromise
Mask With and Without Mist
Trach Collar
Face Tent
Regulate O2 % for Nasal
Regulate O2 % for Mask
Regulate O2 % for Ambu Bag
Regulate O2 % for Face Tent
Weaning from Ventilator
Troubleshooting Alarms
Respiratory Distress Utilizing Mechanical Support
Endotracheal Suctioning
Trach Suctioning
Nasotracheal Suctioning
Oropharyngeal Suctioning
Ability to Measure Cuff Pressure
Ability to determine Air Leaks
Ability to determine Placement
Troubleshoot Airway Obstruction
Care of: Laryngospasm/Bronchospasm
Troubleshoot Aspiration
Troubleshoot Pneumothorax
Assess Breath Sounds
Draw ABG's
Pulse Oximetry
Care of: Pt on Ventilator
Assist With: Arterial Insertion
Arterial Line D/C
Draw Blood from Arterial Line
Interpret ABG's
Chin Lift
Jaw Thrust
Assist with intubation
Care of: Chest Tube
Care of: Tracheostomy
Vascular Access: Blood Sampling From a CVC
Vascular Access: CVC Dressing Change
Vascular Access: Maintaining Catheter Patency
Admin/Titration: Anti-Emetics
Admin/Titration: Reversal Meds



Pediatric Experience