Dispenses instruments to all nursing units upon receipt of a reprocessing requisition
Delivers trays to nursing units if they are unable to obtain by notifying SPCAs
Instrument Tracking
Has all physicans sign for equipment taken to their office and puts slips in box
Verifies all items taken to office and notifying all appropriate personnel
Responds immediately to STAT requests for equipment, instruments and/or supplies
Maintains supplies in CVL, ER, OB units by making rounds twice a day
Returns to appropriate units all items in reprocessing that belong to that unit when rounds are made
Returns from nursing unit the returnable instrument trays when making rounds
Operates Processing Machinery
Ultrasound Cleaning Machine
Gravity Displacement Sterilizer
Heat Sealers and Cart Washer
Check Sterilizers/Documen Temperature
Perform Daily Maintenance on cleaning and sterilizing equipment
Reports equipment malfunction and damage
Knowledge of all patient equipment in department
After use equipment is cleaned according to procedure and replaces disposable items
After equipment has been used check it for safe and proper function (worn, broken, frayed, loose)
Knows procedure for repair of non-functioning equipment and reporting malfunctioning equipment to the appropriate personnel
Knowledge of all specialized equipment able to disassemble, reassemble and process all specialized equipment according to procedures (All scopes and Orthopedic power equipment)
Decontaminiates specialized scopes according to procedure, recording all loads in proper book
Processes all power equipment and scopes according to procedures in the steam and Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers
Knowledge of procedure for repair of non-functioning equipment and reporting the malfunctioning equipment to the appropriate personnel
Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Washer/Decontaminator
Test equipment for proper function
Sterad Sterilizer
Gettinger Sterilizer
Processing Delicate Eye Equipment
Receives, washes, packages and sterilizes all instruments and trays
Checks sterilizers, document temp, pressure and time cycle
Perform daily maintenance on cleaning and sterilizing equipment used in department
Check conditions of instruments (alignment, sharp, bent, broken)
Assembles and checks trays for completeness using tray list
Wraps instruments and trays according to procedure
Packages single instruments using heat-sealing unit
Inspects wraps for holes, tears, contamination moisture before and after sterilization
Maintain a record for all autoclave loads in proper log book
Sets up and uploads carts for sterilization according to procedure
Autoclaves all loads according to procedure
Repossesses contaiminated instrument sets, instruments and equipment
Ensures that items are re-sterilized and re-circulated as needed
Fills daily requests for case carts, instruments and instrument trays on delivery schedule
Ensures that aseptic techniques are used in handling all sterile supplies and trays whether reusable or not
Reports shortage of equipment supplies and implants from tray to appropriate personnel
Maintains and rotates disaster cart supplies
Check inventory and replenishes used items on crash cart
Assigns sterilization data and loads #s to all contents of loads that day according to procedures
Maintains a record of all loads run in both steam and Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizers
Maintains a record of all items decontaminated according to procedures
Uses chemical monitors to ensure sterilization effectiveness and ues the appropriate sterilization method
Maintains accurate blood culture, sterilize and sterilization record
Rotates instruments and instrument ray on shelves
Maintain record of instruments issued to and returned by nursing floors
Records all loads run in the proper log book recording all necessary information
Ensures that reprocessing area and all storage areas are sanitary and organized
Prepare Requisitions
Verifies supplies received from stores against the order requisiton
Receives linens and maintains the daily lines inventory. Inspect, folds and shelves according to size and type
Records loss of equipment and supplies
Reports discrepancies between order placed and received
Stores all supplies in their appropriate area
Wraps and processes a variety of linen packs
Assembles and wraps stock supplies when time, according to procedures
Autoclaves all supplies and utilities according to procedure
Participates in periodic inventories of supplies
Stores all linens in appropriate area
Notifies ancillary department and nursing units when supplies are ready
Participates in supply and equipment in-service sessions and helps educate staff in use of new and existing procedures