PSYCH Skillsheet

Care/Use: Wanderguard
Indentification of Safety Hazards in Milieu
Locked /Unlock: Unit Precautions
Escorting Patients Off Unit/Liability
Escape/Runaway Precautions/Flow Chart
AWOL - Notifying Authorities
Confiscation: Contraband
Strip Searches
Utilize: Alarm Systems
Administer/Utilize: Panic Alarms and Responses
Utilize: Security Personnel
Legal: Involuntary Holds/5150
Legal: Court-ordered Evaluations
Legal: Certification Procedures
Legal: Legal Custody/Guardianship
Recognize/Acknowledge: Patients Rights
Report: Child Abuse
Restriction: Personal Property
Confidentiality/Release of Information
Administer: Emergency or Involuntary Medication
Adminster: Court-Ordered Medication
Administer: CNS Depressents
Administer: CNS Stimulants
Care: Opioids Abuse/ Withdrawals
Use: Drug/Alcohol Dependent Rehab
Voluntary Consent for Evaluation/Treatment
Adminsiter: Universal Precautions
Assessment: Infections/Risk of Infections
Care/Assist: Tube Feedings
Assess: Level of Consciousness (LOC)
Care: Seizure Disorder
Asess: Psych Patients Adults
Care of the Patient Experiencing Pain
Insertion: Oro-Pharyngeal Airway
Assist: Intubation
Care: Airway Management
Vascular Access: Blood Sampling From a CVC
Care/Administer: Oro-Naso-Pharygeal Suctioning
Initiate: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Care/Insertion: Peripheral IV Lines
Obtain: Informed Consent
Asess: Psych Patients- Peds
Vascular Access: CVC Dressing Change
Vascular Access: Maintaining Catheter Patency
Vascular Access: PICC/Midline Removal
Vascular Access: Removal of a Non-Tunneled Catheter
Vascular Access: Tunneled Catheter Repair
Vascular Access: Venous Port Management
Anesthesia: Pre Operative or Pre Procedural
Blood/Blood Products Administration and Exchange
Cardiac Patient: Basic
Neurological Deficits/Neurosurgical
Respiratory Compromise
Cardiac Patient: Advanced
Bulimia Nervosa
Immunocompromised Patient
Diabetes Teaching: Newly Diagnosed
Sedation Level II
Bone Marrow Suppression
Chemotherapy Administration
IV Pumps
Pre Liver Transplant
Pre Lung Transplant
Pre Kidney Transplant
Post Surgical Patients (Transplant)
Wound VAC
Epidural Management
Detox Management
Pain Control
Cystic Fibrosis
Initiate/Participate: Milieu Therapy
Lead/Structure: Therapeutic Programming
Lead: Community Meetings
Behavorial: Individuals
Behavorial: Groups
Assess: Dangerous/Crisis Situations
Initiate: Low-Level Crisis Interventions
Behavorial Charting
Administer: Anti-Anxiety Agents
Administer: Anti-Convulsants
Assess/Identify: Side Effects Anti-Psychotics
Assess/Identify: Tardive Dyskinesia
Assess: Extrapyramidal Effects
Administer: Anti-Psychotics
Administer: Anticholinergic
Assess: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Administer: Prolixin
Administer: Haldol
Administer: Anti-Parkinsonism
Identify: Anticholinergic Delirium
Administer: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI)
Identify: MAOI: Food/Drug Interactions
Identify: MAOI Hypertensive Crisis
Administer: Lithium Carbonate
Obtain/Draw Labs: Therapeutic Blood Levels
Identify: Signs of Lithium Toxicity
Identify: Side effects Ritalin/Cylert
Assess/Treat: Psychotropic Drug Overdose
Teach: Self-Administered Medication
Teach: Long-Term use of Medication
Disorder: Hallucinations
Care: Psychotic
Disorder: Paranoia
Disorder: Need for Reality Orientation
Disorder: Social Withdrawl and Apathy
Disorder: Lack of Self-Care
Care: Mood Disorders
Disorder: Self-Destructive Potential
Disorder: Bi-Polar Disorder
Disorder: Manic Episodes
Disorder: Manipulation
Disorder: Irresponsibility
Disorder: Denial/Resistance to Change
Disorder: Emotional Liability
Identify: Identity Disorder Issues
Identify/Care: Elopement Risks
Disorder: Self-Destructive Behavior
Care: Personality Disorders
Disorder: Hysterical Reactions
Disorder: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Asess: Eating Disorders
Eating: Monitoring Physical Status
Eating: Control Issues
Eating: Family Therapy
Eating: Behavorial Contracting
Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Drug/Alcohol: Acute Intoxication
Acute: Hallucinogens/PCP
Care: Alcohol Abuse/Withdrawal
Care: Polysubstance Abuse
Care: Alcohol Withdrawl/Abuse
Suicide/Self-Destructive Behavior
Care: Dementia
One-to-One Observation
Environmental Safety
Care: Assultative Behavior
Identify/Care: Provocative/Distruptive Behavior
Manipulative, Attention-seeking Behavior
Threatening Intimidating Behavior
Child/Teen: Pervasive Development Disorder
Child/Teen: Developmentally Disabled
Child/Teen: Conduct Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Identify/Care: Child/Teen: Attention Deficit Disorder
Identify: Child/Teen Enuresis/Encopresis
Identify: Child/Teen: Antisocial Behavior
Identify/Care: Child/Teen: Depressed Suicidal Behavior
Identify/Care: Child/Teen: Runaway Behavior
Identify: Child/Teen: Prostitution
Identify: Child/Teen: Satanic Involvement
Chronically Mentally Ill Adult
Resources and Support Systems in Community
Family Involvement
Long-Term Hospitalization
Organic Brain Syndrome
Geriatric: Sensory Perceptual Precautions
Geriatric: Self-Care
Geriatric: Safety and Security Precautions
Care: Alzheimers
Huntingtons Chorea
Assaultive Behavior Management
Psychotic Patient Management
GI Disorders
Post Surgical Patients (Transplant)
Behavorial Modification - Point and Level Systems
Behavorial Contracting - Reward Systems
Rational-Emotive Therapy
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Play Therapy
Family Therapy
Child/Family: Therapeutic Limit Setting
Child/Family: Teaching Basic Parenting Skills
Care/Assist: ECT
Group: Basic Social Skills
Group: ADL
Group: Emancipation Skills
Restraints: Assessment of Psychiatric Emergency
Restraints: Ambulatory Restraints
Initiate/Document: Full 4-Point Restraints
Restraints: Documentation of Physical Care
Initiate/Documentation: Restraints
Self-Protection Techniques
Therapeutic Physical Control and Restraint Techniques
Take Downs
Care of Patient and Staff Following Assault
Participate: Multidisciplinary Treatment Team
Care: Psych Admissions
Assessment: Mental Status
Initiate: Nursing Assessment/Care Plan
Diagnosis: Psychiatric
Initiate: Individual Therapy
Initiate: Group Therapy
Patient Health Education
Identify: Role-Modeling
Reassessment: Care Plan Updates
Discharge Planning
Discharge: Continuity of care in the Community
Discharge: Family and Support System Contacts
Discharge: Medications at Discharge
Discharge: AMA Discharge
Initiation: Rapport Building Nurse-Patient
Care: Nurse-Patient Working Phase
Termination: Nurse-Patient
Initiate: Boundries of Nurse-Patient Relationship
Transference and Countertransference
Initiation and Rapport



Are you Psychiatric Certified? (Type of)

Psychiatric Certification Area

Children/Adolescents (Years Experience)

Adult (Years Experience)

Geriatric (Years Experience)

Charge Experience (Years Experience)

CPI Certification

Yes No

Have you received specialized training in specific therapies/treatment modalities (individual, group, family, play, rational emotive, behavior modification, treatment of addictive disorders, eating disorders)?

Yes No

Have you attended an assaultive behavior management course involving self-protective and therapeutic physical control/restraint techniques?

Yes No