PSYCH Skillsheet

Care/Use: Wonderguard
Indentification of Safety Hazards in Milieu
Locked /Unlock: Unit Precautions
Escorting Patients Off Unit/Liability
Escape/Runaway Precautions/Flow Chart
AWOL - Notifying Authorities
Confiscation: Contraband
Strip Searches
Utilize: Alarm Systems
Administer/Utilize: Panic Alarms and Responses
Utilize: Security Personnel
Legal: Involuntary Holds/5150
Legal: Court-ordered Evaluations
Legal: Certification Procedures
Legal: Legal Custody/Guardianship
Recognize/Acknowledge: Patients Rights
Report: Child Abuse
Restriction: Personal Property
Confidentiality/Release of Information
Administer: Emergency or Involuntary Medication
Adminster: Court-Ordered Medication
Administer: CNS Depressents
Administer: CNS Stimulants
Care: Opioids Abuse/ Withdrawals
Use: Drug/Alcohol Dependent Rehab
Voluntary Consent for Evaluation/Treatment
Sedation Level II
Bone Marrow Suppression
Chemotherapy Administration
IV Pumps
Adminsiter: Universal Precautions
Assessment: Infections/Risk of Infections
Care/Assist: Tube Feedings
Assess: Level of Consciousness (LOC)
Care: Seizure Disorder
Asess: Psych Patients Adults
Care of the Patient Experiencing Pain
Insertion: Oro-Pharyngeal Airway
Assist: Intubation
Care: Airway Management
Vascular Access: Blood Sampling From a CVC
Care/Administer: Oro-Naso-Pharygeal Suctioning
Initiate: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Care/Insertion: Peripheral IV Lines
Obtain: Informed Consent
Asess: Psych Patients- Peds
Vascular Access: CVC Dressing Change
Vascular Access: Maintaining Catheter Patency
Vascular Access: PICC/Midline Removal
Vascular Access: Removal of a Non-Tunneled Catheter
Vascular Access: Tunneled Catheter Repair
Vascular Access: Venous Port Management
Anesthesia: Pre Operative or Pre Procedural
Blood/Blood Products Administration and Exchange
Cardiac Patient: Basic
Neurological Deficits/Neurosurgical
Respiratory Compromise
Cardiac Patient: Advanced
Bulimia Nervosa
Immunocompromised Patient
Diabetes Teaching: Newly Diagnosed
Initiate/Participate: Milieu Therapy
Lead/Structure: Therapeutic Programming
Lead: Community Meetings
Behavorial: Individuals
Behavorial: Groups
Assess: Dangerous/Crisis Situations
Initiate: Low-Level Crisis Interventions
Behavorial Charting
Administer: Anti-Anxiety Agents
Administer: Anti-Convulsants
Assess/Identify: Side Effects Anti-Psychotics
Assess/Identify: Tardive Dyskinesia
Assess: Extrapyramidal Effects
Administer: Anti-Psychotics
Administer: Anticholinergic
Assess: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Administer: Prolixin
Administer: Haldol
Administer: Anti-Parkinsonism
Identify: Anticholinergic Delirium
Administer: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI)
Identify: MAOI: Food/Drug Interactions
Identify: MAOI Hypertensive Crisis
Administer: Lithium Carbonate
Obtain/Draw Labs: Therapeutic Blood Levels
Identify: Signs of Lithium Toxicity
Identify: Side effects Ritalin/Cylert
Assess/Treat: Psychotropic Drug Overdose
Teach: Self-Administered Medication
Teach: Long-Term use of Medication
Disorder: Hallucinations
Care: Psychotic
Disorder: Paranoia
Disorder: Need for Reality Orientation
Disorder: Social Withdrawl and Apathy
Disorder: Lack of Self-Care
Care: Mood Disorders
Disorder: Self-Destructive Potential
Disorder: Bi-Polar Disorder
Disorder: Manic Episodes
Disorder: Manipulation
Disorder: Irresponsibility
Disorder: Denial/Resistance to Change
Disorder: Emotional Liability
Identify: Identity Disorder Issues
Identify/Care: Elopement Risks
Disorder: Self-Destructive Behavior
Care: Personality Disorders
Disorder: Hysterical Reactions
Disorder: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Asess: Eating Disorders
Eating: Monitoring Physical Status
Eating: Control Issues
Eating: Family Therapy
Eating: Behavorial Contracting
Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Drug/Alcohol: Acute Intoxication
Acute: Hallucinogens/PCP
Care: Alcohol Abuse/Withdrawal
Care: Polysubstance Abuse
Care: Alcohol Withdrawl/Abuse
Suicide/Self-Destructive Behavior
SuicCare: Dementia
One-to-One Observation
Environmental Safety
Care: Assultative Behavior
Identify/Care: Provocative/Distruptive Behavior
Manipulative, Attention-seeking Behavior
Threatening Intimidating Behavior
Child/Teen: Pervasive Development Disorder
Child/Teen: Developmentally Disabled
Child/Teen: Conduct Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Identify/Care: Child/Teen: Attention Deficit Disorder
Identify: Child/Teen Enuresis/Encopresis
Identify: Child/Teen: Antisocial Behavior
Identify/Care: Child/Teen: Depressed Suicidal Behavior
Identify/Care: Child/Teen: Runaway Behavior
Identify: Child/Teen: Prostitution
Identify: Child/Teen: Satanic Involvement
Chronically Mentally Ill Adult
Resources and Support Systems in Community
Family Involvement
Long-Term Hospitalization
Organic Brain Syndrome
Geriatric: Sensory Perceptual Precautions
Geriatric: Self-Care
Geriatric: Safety and Security Precautions
Care: Alzheimers
Huntingtons Chorea
Behavorial Modification - Point and Level Systems
Behavorial Contracting - Reward Systems
Rational-Emotive Therapy
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Play Therapy
Family Therapy
Child/Family: Therapeutic Limit Setting
Child/Family: Teaching Basic Parenting Skills
Care/Assist: ECT
Group: Basic Social Skills
Group: ADL
Group: Emancipation Skills
Restraints: Assessment of Psychiatric Emergency
Restraints: Ambulatory Restraints
Initiate/Document: Full 4-Point Restraints
Restraints: Documentation of Physical Care
Initiate/Documentation: Restraints
Self-Protection Techniques
Therapeutic Physical Control and Restraint Techniques
Take Downs
Care of Patient and Staff Following Assault
Participate: Multidisciplinary Treatment Team
Care: Psych Admissions
Assessment: Mental Status
Initiate: Nursing Assessment/Care Plan
Diagnosis: Psychiatric
Initiate: Individual Therapy
Initiate: Group Therapy
Patient Health Education
Identify: Role-Modeling
Reassessment: Care Plan Updates
Discharge Planning
Discharge: Continuity of care in the Community
Discharge: Family and Support System Contacts
Discharge: Medications at Discharge
Discharge: AMA Discharge
Initiation: Rapport Building Nurse-Patient
Care: Nurse-Patient Working Phase
Termination: Nurse-Patient
Initiate: Boundries of Nurse-Patient Relationship
Transference and Countertransference
Initiation and Rapport



Are you Psychiatric Certified? (Type of)

Psychiatric Certification Area

Children/Adolescents (Years Experience)

Adult (Years Experience)

Geriatric (Years Experience)

Charge Experience (Years Experience)

CPI Certification

Yes No

Have you received specialized training in specific therapies/treatment modalities (individual, group, family, play, rational emotive, behavior modification, treatment of addictive disorders, eating disorders)?

Yes No

Have you attended an assaultive behavior management course involving self-protective and therapeutic physical control/restraint techniques?

Yes No